You have to keep track of a lot as a traveler, and that responsibility can be overwhelming. Your tickets, check-in times, hotel booking, sightseeing, and bank balance are just a couple of things you’ll need access to at any minute when using your phone abroad. Using wi-fi hubs is beyond sub-optimal, and not to mention, restricting. Using your service provider’s roaming does give you access to data - it’s just a shame you won’t have any money to spend on your trip. How about a solution that allows you to stay connected and keep costs affordable? Perhaps an eSIM is right for you, here’s why:

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What’s an eSIM and why is it better than a SIM?

Much like a SIM card, an eSIM card is an “embedded” SIM that allows you to integrate a digital carrier onto your phone without having to install a physical card. Most phones allow you to install a second SIM for different data options in your local region, or when you travel to a new region. While traditional SIMs have worked, they come with a few considerable drawbacks when traveling abroad.

Wasting time

Notably, SIM cards have to be picked up before your trip or when you land. That’s either unnecessary time you’re wasting before you set off onto your vacation or when you land. With Airalo, you can download your eSIM whenever it’s convenient and have access the moment you arrive at your destination.

Cutting costs

Depending on where you’re traveling takes you, SIM cards could range from being average to outlandishly expensive. A vendor could charge an extortionist rate, and without being able to search up a competitor on your phone, you’re limited in your choices for SIMs. With Airalo, our eSIM prices are market competitive for the region and you have the option of picking a plan that’s optimal for your data needs.

Limited providers

Some providers only offer restricting continental or international plans for their SIMs. While you might get a data plan that gives you access when you travel, you’ll end up paying for more than you need, with unnecessary services that were upsold to you as customers. With Airalo, our eSIM structuring is flexible, giving you the option of international, continental, and regional packages at different price points. We also offer top-up packages that allow you to pay for data you’ll use.

Lose your SIM

As a traveler, you’ll be constantly going to see new sights and stay in new places while needing access to your phone. SIM cards are small, and thanks to technological innovation, they’re getting smaller. That might be great for manufacturers, but that’s not good for someone traveling. With SIM cards you’re responsible for keeping track, changing, and storing them. That’s an unnecessary burden and risk of loss for something that important. With Airalo, we take that burden off your shoulders, making sure you’ll never lose a card again (unless you lose your phone).

Competitive speed and plans

A physical sim may have regional limitations for the type of plan, data, and cellular service available depending on the carrier or device. Airalo’s eSIM plans always make sure that you’re reaching the max potential in each region with every plan or plans you’re adding to your device. Our eSIMs use the same carrier plans as any other provider of a physical sim. This way, you can choose between the fastest data plans available just a tap away.    

Bad for the environment

Let’s face it, one of the worst things about SIM cards is that they’re disposed of after they’re used up. This is more and more unnecessary plastic we’re disposing of. Switching to an eSIM not only makes your life more convenient, but it’s also ecologically responsible.

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The type of traveler who should switch to eSIMs

Depending on your phone, mobile network, carrier, or cellular support, switching to an eSIM is relativity simple. Normally, carrier’s offer you the space to swap any chip with a dual sim device, and most of those modern phones are compatible with eSIM technology. While eventually, we want every consumer to be in contact with an eSIM phone, here are the current list of devices that eSIM support:

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Calling communication

Something you should consider as a traveler is that embedded SIMs continue to support call plans on our networks. An eSIM gives you the same cellular support as a regular SIM card. From your settings, you can phone anyone in your contacts by checking your carrier settings, then tap on your Airalo plan on the screen.

You can still use your same phone number when making calls. If your phone is unlocked, your eSIM should give you the same device support, network support, and carrier coverage as a regular SIM card. If your eSIM isn’t loading, try resetting your network.  

Using eSIM technology is about making a simple switch and as a traveler, here are a few things to consider about your device when switching into the eSIM space:

Apple integration

The Apple iPhone not only gives you access to a physical sim card, but for most modern units, has integrated dual sim and eSIM support built into the phone. When you go to the app store and download the ios app you can sign in to your Airalo account. From the Airalo app, you can tap and interact with the data plans and menus to browse the Airalo store, and search for a plan to activate.

Apple phones are currently more user-friendly with dual SIM functionality, as embedded SIM cards are a new technology that Apple has prioritized. Being able to activate an eSIM requires going into your settings, and adding an Airalo line as one of your networks.

A full guide can be found here for ios:

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Android integration

If you’re traveling with an Android device, making the switch to an eSIM is also really simple. Most modern Android phones are eSIM capable, but the range of phones that aren’t is larger. This is simply because there are more third-party phones running Android that were not developed to be eSIM capable. Before making the switch to a digital SIM card, watch out for your carrier’s plan, if you can have more than one line, and how local data is stored to the device.

Like with the Apple app store, you can go directly to the Google play store and download the Airalo app to your device. In your settings, you should be able to see what eSIM chip is readable, and what networks you can connect to. Sometimes your carrier may restrict service to types of eSIM technology. In that instance, contact your carrier’s customer service.

A full guide of Android eSIM compatible phones can be found here:

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Solving pain points for travelers with an eSIM

Now that we’ve highlighted how an eSIM can improve your life, workflow and connectivity, let’s run through an example of how efficient traveling with an eSIM can be:

  1. Say you’re an American technology manufacturer based in Atlanta Georgia, and your company is sending you to inspect a factory in Italy and Russia a few days later.
  2. The trip is short notice, you don’t have time to grab a SIM card, but you do have time to download the Airalo app and install an eSIM line. You don’t want any hassle, so you grab the international package to remain wireless in every region you travel to. You can even activate your eSIM with a quick scan of a QR-code.
  3. Once you arrive at the airport, you don’t need to bother with the slow internet, you can keep your friends, family, and team up-to-date via your eSIM.
  4. You arrive in Italy, and you’re immediately up-to-date on work emails before leaving the airport lobby. Instead of struggling to speak Italian to get a taxi, you order a rideshare from your airport to the hotel. Without roaming.
  5. In that taxi ride, you catch up on social media and browse an online menu for a great place to eat or drink at a mini bar. You have your whole evening planned by the time you enter the hotel.
  6. You’re now able to call, screen, and book a local 5-star restaurant for dinner.
  7. The next day you arrive at the factory, take photos, and can instantly send them to your team as you watch how they respond in real-time.
  8. When you need to leave for Russia, you can check in for your flight and order a rideshare to the airport. All on the same data plan.
  9. Without switching connectivity, your same eSIM data plan allows you to stay mobile when you arrive in Russia.
  10. You can remain connected with your team while you explore, work and travel throughout Russia. And if you need to, you can top up your plan with your remaining data.

Changing the way you travel

At each step of the process, traveling with an eSIM is seamless. You can now use your phone the way it was intended, as a tool of connectivity. Traveling is important in giving you a unique set of experiences and broadening your horizons, pushing your worldview, creativity, and skillset.

What an eSIM enables you to do is max those moments by making sure you can remain connected to the world as you explore it. Having the ability to call, google, message, or connect with anyone in a foreign land changes your priorities and gives you the freedom to learn and engage with a new culture and have an unforgettable travel experience.

Customers shouldn’t have to watch out for unnecessary roaming and expensive data plans. That screen in your pocket should only maximize your enjoyment or make your business trip efficient. So, on your next business trip, transfer, scan, call and use your phone everywhere using an Airalo eSIM.

Instead of fumbling with a physical sim, you can download ours with a QR code and never have to worry while traveling again. The cellular world is changing, and how we use our data on our devices is becoming a seamless process.

Never worry about losing a SIM card again, paying for roaming bills, haggling for price, throwing out old cards, and being restricted by suboptimal features. Simply travel, with an eSIM.