What is Discover+ Global eSIM?

The Discover+ Global eSIM allows users to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues worldwide with data, calls, and texts. This eSIM also provides instant and affordable global connectivity for travelers whenever and wherever they need it. This article outlines essential information for maximizing its benefits to stay connected while you're abroad. 
  1. Does it come with a phone number? Yes, it does come with a phone number. Each Discover+ Global eSIM includes an international phone number based in Austria. Adding the appropriate country code when sharing your eSIM phone number ensures seamless communication. The country code for Austria is +43, and it must be included for all incoming calls and texts, whether local or international.
  2. Can I make phone calls? Yes, you can make and receive phone calls. When making calls using the Discover+ Global eSIM, users should ensure that the dialed number begins with the correct country code. For instance, if a user is in Japan and wants to call someone in the Philippines, they must prefix the recipient's number with the Philippines' country code (+63) before dialing. Failing to do so may result in unsuccessful call attempts.
  3. Can I send text messages? Yes, you can send and receive text messages (SMS). When sending SMS with the Discover+ Global eSIM, beginning the recipient's phone number with the relevant country code is essential. This step guarantees the successful delivery of SMS messages. Failing to do so may result in undelivered messages.
  4. Can I purchase a top-up package? Yes, you can purchase a top-up for the eSIM. Data, call, and text top-up packages are available, but individual top-ups for data, voice, or SMS alone are not provided. Receiving inbound text messages (SMS) will not be deducted from the available SMS balance. If a user's remaining call minutes reach zero, incoming calls cannot be received. Additionally, calls lasting in seconds will be rounded up to a full minute.
  5. Can I track my usage? You can track your data, calls, and text usage in the Airalo App or website.
  6. Are there any country restrictions? You can check the list of the supported countries on Discover+ Global eSIM’s product information page.
  7. Does this work on all eSIM-compatible devices? The Discover+ Global eSIM functions seamlessly on any device that supports eSIM and is network unlocked, including Apple Watches.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

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