Do any apps or websites restrict access while using an eSIM?

Airalo does not restrict your access to websites or apps. 

While using an eSIM, you can generally access the apps and websites you would regularly use. Some platforms, however, may impose restrictions that can affect your access. 

Here are some common reasons you might encounter app and website restrictions while using your eSIM:

  • Proxy settings: If the app or website detects that your connection is routed through a proxy server, it may block access or limit functionality.
  • Security protocols: If the security measures employed by the app or website are incompatible with the routing method used by eSIM data, access may be restricted.
  • Location/service provider restrictions: If the app or website detects that you are accessing it from a location or service provider that is not permitted, it may block access or limit functionality.

Because eSIM data routing operates through a “roaming platform,” certain apps or websites may not be accessible due to their security settings. This limitation is not specific to Airalo eSIMs, but it may cause potential restrictions when accessing certain platforms.

If you encounter issues accessing a specific app or website while using your eSIM, we recommend contacting the app or website support team for assistance.

If you need more assistance, please contact our support team. Sizga mamnuniyat bilan yordam beramiz.


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